Why you should study in Turkey?

If you are thinking to continue your higher education or planning to travel with your family thinking you might settle in Turkey where your children will want to enroll themselves in the Turkish educational system tomorrow, do not hesitate because Turkey Mansions here will provide you details on why you should choose Turkey? Here are the details why you should study in Turkey :

  • Comfortable Living Conditions

The cost of living in Turkey is lower than in most other countries. You may get all of your requirements met, including lodging, food and drink, and entertainment, for a reasonable price. You can rent a house for a modest fee or stay in a dormitory on or near the University campuses. Furthermore, as a student, you will receive a discounted ticket or a lower movie ticket for whatever mode of transportation you pick. Turkey is also a convenient destination due to its location between the continents of Asia and Europe. Regardless of how you choose to explore Turkey, which is home to a plethora of tourist attractions, you will be able to get where you want to go swiftly and comfortably.

  • Courteous Turkish People

The Turkish people’s hospitality is legendary all over the world! If you seek for aid as a student, people will do their best to help you with full sincerity and warmth. The Turks will treat you as guests and provide you with a variety of delicacies. You may rest assured that you will not miss your old house here!

  • Student Friendly

Turkey is a student-friendly country, with at least one university in every city! Every institution has social groups, sports teams, and cultural events that bring students together and bring different geographies closer together. When you arrive in Turkey, you will see that the most bustling areas of the city are the gathering places for students! The cities are alive 24 hours a day. Thanks to the cafes, restaurants, and libraries where students meet and make those places feel alive.

  • Advanced Campuses

There are 207 universities in Turkey. No matter which university you go to, you will always experience a modern and easy campus life that is empowered with the most advanced technology.

  • Standardized Higher Education

The degree you get from a Turkish university is recognized across Europe! ECTS is used as a course credit system in conformity with European standards, and all students receive a Diploma Supplement. Furthermore, Turkey is one of the most successful countries engaging in Erasmus + exchange programs. In addition to Erasmus, Turkey has several exchange programs, such as Mevlana and Farabi, that facilitate student and professor mobility.

  • Globalized Life

Turkey is almost a kaleidoscope of cultures, having housed several deep-rooted civilizations in its land for thousands of years! Everyone is tolerant and courteous of one another in this nation that has hosted countless civilizations. Turkey, with its calm and peaceful environment, is great for students looking to reconnect with their roots and possibly meet individuals who speak their language.

  • Opportunity To Learn A Different (Turkish) Language

Several university programs in Turkey are taught in English. You can also study Turkish, the world’s fifth most spoken language! You will have the opportunity to learn a new language through Turkish classes offered by your university, and you will have the opportunity to make friends with people from many cultures.

  • Tourist Friendly

Turkey, which has four seasons, is known around the world for its natural wonders. Swimming and water sports may be enjoyed in the seas that surround Turkey as Turkey is surrounded by five seas. Skiing can be enjoyed in various towns in the highlands, river rafting can be enjoyed, and many extreme activities like paragliding, skydiving can be experienced. You will feel as if you are in heaven in Turkey, where there are innumerable natural wonders that will only attract you with their scenery!

  • Vast Program Opportunities

Turkey has 207 universities and a population of 82 million people. There are over 8 million pupils in the country. Turkey is the first country in the European Higher Education Area to have this number of students. At 207 universities, there are about 60.000 different programs. With so many options, you’re sure to find the right university and program for you.

  • Turkey’s Long History

Turkey has thousands of historical and cultural monuments, many of which are designated as UNESCO Cultural Heritage due to its long history. Even in your everyday life, you will want to keep track of the traces you will come across on a regular basis!

Turkey Mansions feels honored to assist you in any kind of questions or queries you might have regarding education in Turkey and we will try our best to solve that problem for you.

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