Turkish Residence Permit (TRP)

Turkish Residence Permit is a legal permission for foreigners to live in Turkey. Its issued by Turkey Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Migration Management which has offices in all 81 provinces of Turkey. The local offices are responsible for handling the documents and interviews however the confirmation about the residence permit and the card is approved by Minister of interior headquarter in Ankara and Istanbul.

Getting Turkish Residence Permit


The first application for Residence permit is lodged online https://en.goc.gov.tr/ before the E- visa, Touristic Visa or Visa stay in Turkey is expired to qualify for Residence permit in Turkey. Tourist or Investor must present a valid reason for residence permit be it Tourism, Business development, Education etc.

Benefits of Turkish Residence Permit 

  • Visa Free travel to Turkey from the host country. 
  • Free Education in Turkey for children(quota exits for no. of foreigner student).
  • Travel insurance during the tenure of residence permit.
  • Traveling inside Turkey becomes easy.
  • Visa can be applied for another country that has consulate in Turkey.

  Eligibility for Turkish  Residence Permit

  • Applicant must have a valid passport.
  • Applicant must have a valid visa or e-visa. 
  • Foreigners must have entered Turkey legally through its border and has valid stamp on its passport about entering in Turkey.
  • Applicant must present a reason to get Residence permit i.e. health, Tourism, Business development etc.

Getting Residence Permit In Six Steps

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Frequently Asked Questions About Turkish Resice Permit (TRP)

No, there isn’t any requirement to learn Turkish Language

One can apply for two years but only one year is guaranteed by Turkish Government. Some people do get two years Residence permit but the reasons are unknown.

No, After the expiry, one need to submit application again.

It was possible in the past but after 2019, the system checks if the passport number is entered with Turkish border control and Security department. thus if you are coming for the first time its not possible but if you have visited Turkey in the past, you can fill online application form before arrival.

Yes, after filling the form, The amount of tax to be paid is shown usually the tax amount is around 100$ for one year. 

It wasn’t compulsory in the past, but now Turkish government has made it compulsory for the applicant to stay in Turkey to get residence card.

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