Private Universities

A glance at private university system

Modern scientific laboratories are common features of private universities, which often precede those of government universities.

Every year, private institutions provide discounts or grants to motivate their first-year students or to recruit new students.

Private colleges frequently offer the option of studying in a variety of languages, such as English or other languages, overcoming the language barrier that some international students confront.

Students are frequently admitted to the course and language of their choosing at private universities.

Students applying to public universities face stiff competition, especially with the growing number of international students going to study in Turkey, which private university students do not encounter.

In general, the amenities provided to international students from outside Turkey are a major factor in their increased demand. Through their established steps in the sphere of education, Turkish institutions continue to demonstrate their scientific advancement around the world.

Top 10 private universities in Turkey:

Let us have a look at top 10 private universities in Turkey:

  • Bilkent University

Bilkent University is a private Turkish university in Ankara. Prof. hsan Doramac founded it in 1984 with the goal of establishing a center of excellence in higher education and research. It was the country’s first non-profit private institution to open its doors. Bilkent is an acronym of bilim kenti, which means “city of science” in Turkish. Since its inception, it has always been listed among the top Turkish universities. The World University Rankings ranked it as the 112th best university in the world in 2011.

  • Koç University

Koç Institution is a private, non-profit university located in Istanbul, Turkey. In 1993, it began teaching in makeshift structures in İstinye, and in 2000, it relocated to its current Rumelifeneri site near Sarıyer. According to the 2018 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Koç University is the best university in Turkey. Colleges of Social Sciences and Humanities, Administrative Sciences and Economics, Science, Engineering, Law, Nursing, and Medicine make up Koç University nowadays.

  • Sabancı University

Sabancı University, founded in 1999, is a young foundation university with a 1.26 million square meter campus about 40 kilometers from Istanbul. The school’s first pupils enrolled in 1999. On October 20, 1999, the first academic session began. With the advancement of science, technology, and social structures, the world requires more competent persons with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a profession wherever in the world. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Sabancı Group decided to establish a “global university” managed by the Sabancı Foundation in 1994.

  • Başkent University

Professor Dr. Mehmet Haberal created Başkent University on January 13, 1994. The University Center is in Ankara, however there are Medical and Research Centers as well as Dialysis Centers across Turkey. The vision of Başkent University is to be a home that provides high-level education based on scientific production in every field of advanced medical practices as an international brand, and that transforms this into a social added value on the way to reclaim its rightful place in the line of modern civilization.

  • Yeditepe University

In Istanbul, Turkey, Yeditepe University is a private foundation university. Yeditepe University was founded in 1996 by the Istanbul Education and Culture Foundation (Turkish: Istanbul Eğitim ve Kültür Vakıf, STEK Vakıf). It presently claims to be the largest of Turkey’s 74 foundation universities. Students are charged fees that vary by discipline and faculty. Yeditepe University provides an education that meets the expectations of the information age and conducts its academic activities through 13 faculties: Dentistry, Pharmacy, Arts and Sciences, Fine Arts, Law, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Communication, Architecture, Engineering, Health Sciences, Medical and Commercial Sciences.

  • İstanbul Bilgi University

Istanbul Bilgi University is a private university in Istanbul, Turkey, that was founded in 1996. Santra Istanbul, Kuştepe, Dolapdere, and Kozyatağı are the university’s four centrally placed campuses in Istanbul. Istanbul Bilgi University has almost 20,000 students and 45,000 graduates by 2020, as well as roughly 1,500 academics, seven faculties, three institutes, four schools, three vocational schools, and more than 150 programs for associate, undergraduate, and graduate students.

  • Çankaya University

After more than four decades in the field of education, an investment in higher education and research, in addition to Arı Primary School and Arı High School, became inevitable. The participation and sincere involvement of the teaching and administrative staff, as well as the hundreds of young people who have attended these institutions, has enabled this endeavor to be fulfilled.

  • Bahçeşehir University

Bahçeşehir University (BAU) is a private Turkish educational institution located on Istanbul’s European side. In 1998, the Turkish National Assembly allowed the Bahçeşehir Uğur Education Foundation to create the University of Bahçeşehir. San Diego State University in California, USA, signed an academic and strategic protocol shortly after (February 1998).

  • İstanbul Kültür University

Istanbul Kültür University began its instructional activities in higher education in the 1997-1998 academic year with 157 students and 32 academic staff. In the academic year 1997-1998, Business Administration Programs were offered in three faculties: Faculty of Science and Letters, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, and Faculty of Engineering and Architecture.

  • Kadir Has University

In Istanbul, Kadir Has University (KHU) was created in 1997. The university is committed to being a pioneer in Turkey’s educational and cultural domains, with five faculties of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Communication, Law, and Fine Arts, as well as various vocational schools.

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