Istanbul Ranked as Top city in Europe by Travel and Leisure Magazine

Istanbul Ranked As Top City In Europe By Travel And Leisure Magazine

Yes you have heard it right, Istanbul is ranked as Top City in Europe by Travel and Leisure Magazine.
Istanbul is the 7th largest city in the world with eight million two hundred sixty thousand (8260000) population living in the city. In the first 6 months of 2021 around 2.8 million foreigners come to Istanbul for tourism purposes despite the Covid-19 related lockdowns and travel restrictions. Istanbul is admired by many for its natural beauty and moderate weather through out the year.

Top 10 Cities in Europe by Travel and Leisure

A Recent Survey by Travel and Leisure ranked Istanbul as Top city in Europe, Istanbul was followed by Florence which took the 2nd position and Krakow in Poland which took the third place. Rome, San Sebastián, Trieste, Ljubljana, Porto and Seville were among the top 10 too. Its worthy to mention that another city of Turkey is also in the first 10 cities list and that is Bodrum which is on the southern coast of Turkey.

The rankings is show in the table below

City Ranking Score
Istanbul, Turkey1st91.32
Florence, Italy2nd 90.48
Krakow, Poland3rd89.39
Rome, Italy4rth88.88
San Sebastián, Spain5th88.87
Bodrum, Turkey6th88.82
Trieste, Italy7th88.54
Ljubljana. Slovenia8th88.47
Porto, Portugal9th87.79
Seville, Spain10th87.73

Tourism has brought with it many amnesties for Turkey, First it plays an important role in the lifting Turkey economy where millions now in Turkey have their home hold run because of the tourism industry. Real Estate in Turkey is also an outcome of this progressing tourism industry of Turkey. Plus Turkish government Investment Schemes have made its real estate sector very popular among the international investors.

Such news of getting ranked as Top city in Europe gives positive vibes to the Tourism and related industries and to the Turkish Government who is working around to clock to bring more foreigners in the country.

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