Top 10 Government Universities in Turkey

Let us have a look at top 10 government universities in Turkey: Anadolu University Anadolu University has been a trailblazer on a number of fronts. The success of the distance education system is the most crucial of these. Over 2 million students are enrolled in the three distance education faculties today. Many institutions in other nations have used the success of this system’s development as a...

Learn about the Education System in Turkey

General Overview The administration of higher education in Turkey was completely reformed in 1981, in accordance with the new Higher Education Law (No. 2547). As a result, the system became centralized, with the Council of Higher Education overseeing all higher education institutions (CoHE). Following this restructuring, all higher education institutions were restructured into universities. Higher...

Why you should study in Turkey?

If you are thinking to continue your higher education or planning to travel with your family thinking you might settle in Turkey where your children will want to enroll themselves in the Turkish educational system tomorrow, do not hesitate because Turkey Mansions here will provide you details on why you should choose Turkey? Here are the details why you should study in Turkey : Comfortable Living...

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