Buying property in Turkey

We noticed a lot of the same questions being asked to us again and again and we wanted to compile them all into one resource. 

We have made the process simple and clear for you

Buying and choosing property isn’t easy, but we want to make it as simple as possible for everyone who visits our website.

We hide the Name of project on our listings to protect the (future) buyer from additional, unnecessary competition.

We sometimes have thousands of visitors in one day to our site – some of whom are searching the web for websites they can copy and replicate.

While some websites are deeply entrenched as market leaders in their category and are defensible (i.e. ) others are earlier in their life-cycle and still need some months/years before they’re ready for direct competition. (i.e. an early drop shipping company that’s just starting to get a name for themselves or relying on the brands they list to drive sales) so thus we hide the name of project.

The first step would be to visit our listings on website We gave all the information about the specific listening but if still you feel you have any question, you can ask us using WhatsApp. Email or by filling enquiry form on website.

Second step is to give you presentation about the property which you have selected. It can be online or you can visit personally.

Then We make sure that you have all necessary documents to buy property or not, and if any document is missing, we ask you to prepare it before buying property.

Lastly we even help you in opening bank account in Turkey to transfer money from your account to the owner.

1.During your vetting process, you should actually  look at the per meter square price of the apartment which is not the only parameter but its one of the most important. 

Here’s the formula you can use:

Per meter square price = price /  Square meters of the Apartment 

Once you have per meter square price, you can ask us for the per meter square price in that specific area district or city of Turkey, if yours calculated per meter square price is somewhat near the per meter square price of that area, you are good to go. Don’t waste time and buy that property if you really like it.

Example: You like a listing on our website which is 2+1 Apartment in belikduzu in 1,000,000 turkish lira. which has an area of 100meter square. so you calculated it and got that per meter square price for this apartment is 10,000Tl . which is not correct as belikduzu(now 2018) has a 4,000-6,000 Tl per meter square price so you can simply drop the idea of buying that property.

2. Another way to determine the price of property is to get the Expert Price of that apartment after an independent evaluation, On your request, we do prepare expert price report for you from the trustable and registered law firms. 


Normally there isn’t any need to answer this question as someone who is willing is to buy property in Turkey usually have a rough idea about it that In Turkey, Realtors don’t charge anything from the buyer, they only charge the seller. 
Another reason why we wanted to mention it here because foreigners come from different countries so they might have different rules and regulation in their home country but we repeat it again, In Turkey Realtors don’t charge the buyers.

Normally  you can ask as many options as possible but it can simply confuse you. You can trust our consultants and after a detail enquiry about what you really want, we offer 3-4 options to you to choose from. 
Its pertinent to mention here that we do tell pros and cons of every property to you that’s our job and that’s why we are sitting in the market.

The only legal and secure way is to pay through bank and we strongly recommend you to use banking channel if you want to transfer money.

please go to our citizenship by investment page and read the related FAQs

We added this question here because this is asked to us so many times. basically your concern is genuine, Istanbul has 39 districts and every district has its own characteristics and features.
Still why not telling you the hot favorite districts where the foreigners buy their homes a lot. These districts are as fellow.

  • Taksim
  • Sisli
  • Bomonti
  • kagithane
  • kadikoy
  • Basinexpres
  • Esenyurt
  • Belikduzu
  • Kartal
  • Avcilar
  • Bahcesehir
  • Eyup Sultan

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